What are Alternative Asset Classes (ALTs)?

ALTs are alternatives to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Some examples of ALTs are:

      • Merchant Cash Advances (Video below)

      • Life Settlements (Video below)

      • First position notes
      • Tax liens
      • Real Estate
      • Annuities
      • Private equity
      • Bank notes
      • Gold


    Why invest in ALTs?

    True portfolio diversification

    The returns from ALTs tend to be uncorrelated with stocks and bonds.

    Reduce risk

    Many ALTs are back by a first-lien on an underlying asset.

      Potential return  

    Historical annual returns for some ALTs can be 10+%.


    Want to learn more about ALTs?

    Please view the video below of a pre-recorded webinar that provides more information on ALTs.

    "Education is the key to making informed financial decisions." -- Elliot Goldberg, Independent Registered Investment Advisor (610) 999-3599
    “Education is the key to making informed financial decisions.” — Elliot Goldberg

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